The French Research Center in Jerusalem invites you to a conference celebrating the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Mesha stele.

Published by Charles Clermont-Ganneau, who was working at the time for the French consulate in Jerusalem, this stele is one of the most important archaeological discovery related to the Bible.

On this occasion, your servant has invited Isabel Bonora, from the Louvre Museum, who will tell the amazing story of the discovery of this stele and its subsequent reconstruction at the Louvre, where it is exhibited today. André Lemaire, from EPHE-Sorbonne, will then discuss the issues of decipherment and interpretation that remain 150 years after the discovery.

In the second part, Shmuel Ahituv and Matthew Morgenstern will cover epigraphical and linguistic matters, whereas your servant will deal with the problem of forgeries raised on the occasion of the discovery of this stele and which remain until today.

Have a look at the program and join us on Thursday 29 November at 14:00, in Jerusalem, Shimshon St. 3! 🙂

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