Ouest France - 14 avril 2010 - Michael Langlois

On the occasion of the Qumran exhibition at the National Library of France, I was interviewed by Journalist Alain Guyot from daily newspaper “Ouest France“.

The article was published on the fourth cover page on April 14, 2010; you can read it all in PDF format below. I warmly thank Alain Guyot for the quality of his work!

Ouest France – 14.04.2010 – Michael Langlois

3 thoughts on ““Ouest France” Interview: New Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls

  1. You’re most welcome! It’s an honor to have you on my website. As you can see, I always try to give an overview of major theories—including yours! Best regards, Michael.

  2. I just now have noticed a somewhat glaring error of omission in the BnP brochure on the Scrolls, which in your capacity as conseiller scientifique de l’exposition, you may be able to convince the curators to correct. It occurs in the map on the second page of the brochure: while Jericho, Qumran and Masada are signaled, there is no mention of Machaerus, which (as Josephus writes) played a major strategic role in the history of the Judaean state both during the Herodian period and the First Revolt. May I suggest that the inclusion of Machaerus on the map would be a benefit to the public?

    Cordially and with all good wishes,

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