1. Discovering

My field is the Bible and the Ancient Near East. I seek to better know the authors of the Bible, their world, their culture, in order to better understand the message they shared with us. I am interested in ancient oriental civilizations, their history and their religions. I study the origins of Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam. I document their history in the light of archaeology et decipher new inscriptions found during excavations. As a matter of fact, it’s my specialty: I travel all over the world, from Israel to the USA through Switzerland and Norway, to decipher ancient documents written in Semitic languages such as Hebrew or Aramaic.

Doing research is fending off the boundaries of knowledge. Venturing into uncharted territory. Jubilating when making an unexpected discovery. To carry out my research projects, I am at the same time historian, historian of religions, epigraphist, linguist, philologist, exegete and Bible scholar. I like teaming up with other scholars and sharing my findings in books or articles. Have a look:


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2. Sharing

Teaching is nourished by research, and vice versa. That’s how I conceive my courses and conferences, whether at the University or for the general public. I love to share my findings and my expertise with all those who, like me, are passionate about the Bible and History. I teach at the University of Strasbourg, where I am tenured Associate Professor, but also in other places such as the Catholic Institute of Paris or the Al-Mowafaqa Institute in Morocco. I teach the Bible, History, Ancient Languages and History of Religions.

I am also happy to travel in France and abroad to give conferences for the general public. I am invited by cultural centers, schools, institutes, churches, synagogues and other organizations. I address, without technical terms or double talk, fascinating or polemical topics such as the Bible faced with History, the apocryphal literature or the Dead Sea Scrolls. Here are a few appetizers:


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3. Broadcasting

I love to share my passion for the Bible and History! I am always glad to participate in shows or interviews. Whether on TV, in the press, on the radio or on the Internet, I am happy to shed light on religious news, share the latest scientific discoveries, or debate the interpretation of the Bible.

Here are a few random examples of my interventions in the media:


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