Saga semitica

Jewish magazine Pharm’Aviv asked me to write a paper, entitled “Saga semitica”:

This is not a remix of the famous song by Yannick Noah, “Saga Africa,” whose twentieth birthday is celebrated this year. This is about another saga, much older (plurimillenary!), that puts on stage another Noah—from the Bible. This is the saga of a people and, in a way, of mankind.

Michael Langlois, “Saga semitica” in Pharm’Aviv 127 (03/2011), p. 36-38.

UPDATE: Read the next episodes of Saga Semitica!

2 thoughts on “Saga semitica in Pharm’Aviv

  1. Bonjour
    Pouvez vous me dire s’il serait possible de recevoir la série complète de « saga démotivation » de Michael LANGLOIS
    Merci à l’avance

    1. Il faut télécharger les épisodes les uns après les autres, mais ça va assez vite 😉

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