This is one of the questions I was asked by a journalist from FranceTV Info. This interview follows the authentication, a few days ago, of a Coptic papyrus mentioning the wife of Jesus.

Although the fragment’s authenticity is still debated, apocryphal traditions about Jesus are numerous and diverse. They do not tell us about the historical Jesus as much as they shed light on beliefs that developed during the first centuries of the Christian era.

That’s the reason why such a papyrus, even if it is authentic, does not enable us to know whether Jesus was married. Likewise, we cannot know what he looked like, nor whether the events related in the Gospels (both canonical and apocryphal) actually took place.

Of course, such a moderate statement does not really sale, and you’ll see that the paper written by the journalist is much more provocative—often going beyond the careful answers I gave during the interview.

Enjoy! 😉

5 thoughts on “Was Jesus Married? Interview on FranceTV Info

  1. En l’absence de preuve archéologique, on ne peut savoir si oui non. Mais je me pose une question : pourquoi pas ? Le mariage de Jésus était-il incompatible avec sa mission divine ? N’était-il pas totalement homme tout en étant totalement Dieu ? Le mariage aurait-il été une tâche inconcevable sur sa robe d’agneau de Dieu ?

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