Université de StrabourgAs of September 1, 2009, I am now tenured Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg. This prestigious university is the largest in France, and the only one to include a Faculty of Theology.

Faculté de théologie protestante de StrasbourgIt is thus an honor for me to be appointed as Associate Professor of Old Testament at the Faculty of Protestant Theology, founded in 1538 and located at the University Palace.

You can already contact me there.

Palais universitaire

6 thoughts on “Tenured Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg

  1. Bravo pour cette nouvelle orientation! Ca me donne tout de suite envie de m’inscrire pour un cours d’Ancien Testament dans cette faculté de Strasbourg toute particulière en France!

  2. michael

    is jan jeans from antwerp still on the prot faculty/ email address please


    1. If you’re referring to Jan Joosten, yes he’s still here! You will find his contact information here.

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