The Board of the French Asiatic Society proposed my nomination as a member of the of Asiatic Society. I am honored by this distinction, which I accept with great joy!

Here is a short presentation of the French Asiatic Society:

The “Société asiatique” was founded in 1822 during the rush of enthusiasm that followed the first triumphs of scholarly endeavors in the field of Middle Eastern studies. These include the deciphering of writing systems, the restoration of monuments, and the comparison of languages. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries the “Société asiatique” worked to accomplish its mission of gathering and diffusing knowledge related to the vast field of Middle Eastern and Asian studies that covers the area from North Africa all the way to the Far East. To this end, the Society used a multidisciplinary and scholarly approach that studied oral and written records of all the cultures concerned.

You will find more information on the website of the French Asiatic Society.

Here is an excerpt from the letter I received a few days ago:

Sir and Dear Colleague,

I am honored to inform you that the Board of the Asiatic Society, in its January 15, 2009 meeting, decided to propose your nomination as a member of the Asiatic Society, with sponsorship by Mr. Pierre Bordreuil and Thomas Römer.

We would like to know if you accept this distinction.

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