On the occasion of the Qumran exhibition at the National Library, I answered Laurent Héricher’s questions on the Dead Sea Scrolls and their contribution to our knowledge of the Bible and ancient Judaism.

He notably asked me about the variant readings that are attested among biblical manuscripts, the popularity of some books that are called “apocrypha” and “pseudepigrapha” (such as the book of Enoch or Jubilees), and the notion of “canon” of Scriptures. This filmed interview is an integral part of the exhibition, so as to be viewed by all visitors, but you can watch it here in its entirety:

One thought on “Interview for the Qumran exhibition

  1. Passionné… et passionnant! ça fait plaisir à entendre.
    De la part d’un lecteur de la Bible qui a fait du grec et commencé l’hébreu.

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