“Strasbourg, Loci Theologici”: this is the title of the interdisciplinary day I have the pleasure to organize on Thursday, October 11 from 12:00 to 21:00.

The program will feature lunch, conference, rally, review, and dinner! We will find out how the city of Strasbourg has impacted theology through centuries, and we will go out by teams to discover some the most famous historical-theological sites. Don’t miss this exceptional event!


Here is the detailed program:

11 thoughts on “Strasbourg, Loci Theologici

  1. Strasbourg fera partie de mon itinéraire lors de mon prochain voyage en Europe ; là je vais me contenter d’aller fureter à la bibliothèque de ma ville afin d’y découvrir un beau livre illustré sur Strasbourg et son histoire.

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