I was asked to be the new editor of French weekly newspaper Réforme.

Réforme was founded in 1945 and is now the leading Protestant weekly newspaper in France. I have been interviewed there on several occasions (even for a portrait!) and am now honored to serve as editor.

My nomination was announced in this week’s editorial. A new layout will appear with the first issue of 2021, so stay tuned! 😉

UPDATE (8 Feb 2021): I decided to quit as I disagree with editorial policy.

8 thoughts on “Editor of Reformation Weekly

  1. Bravo, Réforme est un bon journal…Il me tarde de voir la nouvelle maquette, celle-là n’est pas du tout attirante…mais c’est tellement difficile…Je vous souhaite beaucoup de joies …et de nombreux lecteurs fidèles

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