Should the Church target specific populations and offer products adapted to each one — children games, contemporary worship services, trips for active retirees, and so on? Or should it, on the contrary, reject such segmentation and advocate the same faith experience for all? Should the church be the place for “Generations in Unison”?

To reflect on the relationship between generations, and the role that faith may play in it, let us open a dialogue between selected biblical key texts and characters.

Foi & Vie 111/2 (juin 2012)

Michael Langlois, “Bible et générations : clash ou unisson ?”, Foi & Vie 111/2, juin 2012, p. 88-96.

This article was published in the latest issue of Foi & Vie (Faith & Life, June 2012), a journal of Protestant culture. It features the integral text of the conference I gave on the occasion of the latest “Protes’temps forts,” whose theme was “Generations in Unison.”

Enjoy! 🙂

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