Saga Semitica Episode 14

Impatient readers told me they’ve been waiting for a new episode Saga Semitica. Here it is! ;-)

Interview for Science & Foi

I have been interviewed by “Science & Foi”, a French website that addresses issues related to scientific discoveries and their impact on the Christian faith.

Qumran, The Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed in Roanne

The Israelite Association of Roanne has invited me to give a lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

What Language Does God Speak? Interview on Outre-Mer TV

I was interviewed by Marie Lesure-Vandamme, who hosts “Dieu m’est témoin” on France Télévisions Outre-Mer.

Interview in La République du Centre on Jesus Between Fiction and Reality

Regional daily newspaper La République du Centre interviewed me in its February 12, 2015 issue.