Was Jesus Married? Interview on FranceTV Info

This is one of the questions I was asked by a journalist from FranceTV Info. This interview follows the authentication, a few days ago, of a Coptic papyrus mentioning the wife of Jesus.

Einleitung in das Alte Testament

The famous Introduction to the Old Testament, the fifth part of which I supervised—“The Old Testament of the Eastern Churches”—, has been translated in German.

Material Philology in the Dead Sea Scrolls

I have been invited as keynote speaker at the international conference on Material Philology in the Dead Sea Scroll in Copenhagen on April 3-5, 2014.

The Qumran Library, 3a. Torah — Deuteronomy and Pentateuch as a whole

The Qumran Library’s third volume is out!

The Union: In the Secret of the Gods

“In the ‘Secret of the Gods’”: that’s the title of a paper that appeared in daily newspaper The Union following my latest conference.