I will be in Morocco from January 19 to 23 to teach Biblical Hebrew IV.

Back in September, I taught an introductory course at Al Mowafaqa Institute; I am now going back to Rabat to teach level IV Hebrew.

We will look at the last elements of morphology (weak root, rare verbal patterns…) and syntax, with a study of several passages from the Hebrew Bible.

At the end of this course, students will be ready to study on their own a text from the Hebrew Bible! 😉

For those who don’t know it, Al Mowafaqa is an ecumenical institute of theology founded by the Catholic and Evangelical churches in Morocco. I represent there the University of Strasbourg, with which a convention has been signed that allows students to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

More information on Al Mowafaqa’s website.

9 thoughts on “Biblical Hebrew Course in Morocco

  1. שלום.
    Pour les cours, c’est toujours d’actualité? Je sais que ma réponse est très tardive, mais c’est maintenant que l’intérêt se manifeste.

    Si c’est le cas prière de faire signe sur min mail qui est : ahmedguallz@gmail.com

    1. Je n’ai pas prévu de faire un nouveau cours d’hébreu au Maroc, mais je donne des cours avancés en ligne pour des étudiants ayant déjà appris l’hébreu 😉

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