After years of silence, Semitica is back!

Semitica was created in 1948 by the Intitute of Semitic Studies of the University of Paris, with a board including R. Blachère, A. Dupont-Sommer, Ch. F. Jean, J. Nougayrol, and Ch. Virolleaud, its chairman. In 1973, the Institute was transferred to the College of France; Semitica was regularly published until the 2000s, when it slowed down.

After his nomination at the College of France, Thomas Römer asked for the revival of Semitica and asked me to be the new scientific editor. I prepared a new layout, and we worked on a first project, in collaboration with a new editorial board.

The purpose remains unchanged: Semitica covers all branches of Semitic studies: linguistics, philology, history, archaeology, epigraphy, and all areas of the Semitic world, ancient and modern, as well as related fields.

For more information, please visit the new website.

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