My latest essay has just been published in a book on Jeremiah in History and Tradition.

The Book of Jeremiah has a complex redaction history. The present essay sheds light on this phenomenon by analyzing this book’s earliest extent manuscripts: the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This paper also addresses an unexpected issue: forgery. Several Dead Sea scrolls of Jeremiah have surfaced recently; they were thought to be genuine and were accordingly integrated in the latest research on this book and its textual history. In this paper, I expose them as fake and show how they corrupted our dataset.

For more information on the book in which this paper appeared, please have a look at the publisher’s website.

Langlois, Michael. “The Book of Jeremiah’s Redaction History in Light of Its Oldest Manuscripts.” In Jeremiah in History and Tradition, edited by Jim West and Niels Peter Lemche. Copenhagen International Seminar. New York, Routledge, 2019, p. 9–31.

(And if you are interested in forgeries, have a look at my work on the topic. 😉)

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