I will be in Sydney for an international conference on 20–21 Sept 2018.

I have been invited by Macquarie University to give a paper at a meeting entitled “Manuscripts from the Margins: How to edit a forgery”.

My paper is entitled: “The Jerusalem Papyrus: Is it a forgery, and how to deal with it?

Here is the full conference program:

Manuscripts from the Margins: How to edit a forgery
Australian Hearing Hub Level 5 Seminar Room, AH 5.212

Thursday 20th September
1.00–2.20 pm
‘The Marzeah Papyrus: Putative Arguments for Authenticity’ Christopher Rollston, George Washington University
‘The Azusa Pacific University Deuteronomy Fragment DSS F.153 and the Usage of C-14 Dating for Authentication’ Kipp Davis, Trinity Western University
2.20 – 2.50 pm Afternoon tea
2.50 – 4.10 pm
‘The Jerusalem Papyrus: Is it a forgery, and how to deal with it?’ Michael Langlois, HCAS / CRFJ / Unistra
‘Tracking Forgers Across Collections: script and format in a group of fake papyri’ Rodney Ast, University of Heidelberg
4.10 – 4.20 pm Pause
4.20 – 5.20 pm
‘Constantine Simonides and his collection of papyri’ Rachel Yuen-Collingridge and Malcolm Choat, Macquarie University
5.30 –7.00 pm Reception: Australian Hearing Hub, Level 3 (Balcony or recreation room depending on weather)

Friday 21st September
9.20 – 10.40 am
‘Forgeries in Later Copies: Cotton Claudius C.ix and the Problem of the Ortodoxorum Charters’ Levi Roach, University of Exeter
‘Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower, 6 May 1539’ Stephanie Russo, Macquarie University
10.40 – 11.10 am Morning tea
11.10 am – 12.30 pm ‘MU2893: a fake(?) Greek inscription in the Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University’ Paul McKechnie and Jennifer Irving, Macquarie University
‘Forgeries for the Pigeons: An inscribed bronze tablet with dedication to Drusus Minor from Venice and related objects’ Lorenzo Calvelli, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
12.30–2.00 pm Lunch (Macquarie University Staff Cafe)
2.00 – 3.20 pm
‘From papyrus to mummy bandages: the fake Book of the Dead in the John Rylands University Library in Manchester’ Rita Lucarelli, University of California Berkeley
‘The “Tulli Papyrus”: an alleged Hieratic forgery’ Nicola Reggiani, University of Parma
3.20 – 3.50 pm afternoon tea
3.50 – 5.10 pm
‘“Archaic Mark”: A forged Gospel codex in the University of Chicago Library’ Stephen Carlson, Australian Catholic University (Melbourne)
‘A dedication to Lucius Aemilius Paulus in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge’ Caroline Barron, Birkbeck, University of London
Evening: Conference dinner

More information on the conference website. I want to thank Malcolm Choat for his invitation; I am looking forward to it! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Manuscripts from the Margins: How to edit a forgery

  1. Shalom!
    This is interesting. How can I find a copy of Manuscripts from the Margins: How to edit a forgery?


    1. This is not a book, and I’m not sure the sessions have been recorded 😉

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