Besides a seminar on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the university of Uppsala has invited me to give a lecture on “Forgeries and the Bible”.

In this conference, I will explain how modern forgeries threaten Biblical studies. I will discuss ways in which they may or may not be identified, and how this impacts our work as historians of religions.

If you are interested, come Friday 20 April 2018 from 09:00 to 10:00 at the University of Uppsala, Room Eng/22-0031.

Once again, I want to thank Göran Eidevall and Cecilia Wassen for this invitation! 🙂

PS : You are also welcome to the seminar on 19 April! 😉

4 thoughts on “Forgeries and the Bible: from Shapira to the Jerusalem Papyrus, in Uppsala

  1. Dear Professor Langlois,

    Despite very frequently searching the web for any new items on Shapira and occasionally viewing your webpage, I have not noticed until today any mention of this lecture that refers to Shapira – perhaps it was not well advertised in advance?

    As part of my research into early biblical MSS, including both forgeries and putative forgeries, Shapira and his MS is a key interest of mine. As a part of this I’m looking at how Shapira and his MS is with great frequency referred to in semi-academic lectures and popular publications, but very rarely in more academic works.

    Are you able to advise me of the following? Will your lecture be online? Will any notes be made available? Is it expected that an article will develop out of this? If an article is expected, do you envision if it will be popular or academic, or somewhere in-between?
    Matthew Hamilton
    Sydney, Australia

    1. Hi Matthew, sorry the lecture won’t be online; I might publish in the future about this ms, so stay tuned 😉

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