I was interviewed by Life Magazine on Dead Sea scrolls forgeries.


After Newsweek, Sciences & Avenir or Live Science, weekly magazine “La Vie” writes about the scandal of Dea Sea scrolls forgeries, especially in the newly opened Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. I was interviewed by journalist Alice Papin, who wrote the paper which I invite you to read:

thumbnail of Les 13 faux parchemins de la mer Morte, La Vie, 21 décembre 2017, p. 60-61

Alice Papin, “Les 13 faux parchemins de la mer Morte”, La Vie 3774, 21 décembre 2017, p. 60-61.

I warmly thank Alice Papin for contacting me about an interview!

To know more about this issue, I invite you to read the article we recently published in Discoveries in the Judaean Desert.

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