Semitica 63 is out!

The publication was once again delayed by a few months due to the pandemic, but we managed to get it out before the end of the year. Thank you for your patience! 😉

Semitica 63, édité par Michael Langlois sous la direction de Thomas Römer. Leuven, Peeters, 2021. 408 p.

  • Valérie Matoïan. Une correspondance entre Vere Gordon Childe et Claude Schaeffer, l’année 1948. p. 5
  • B. Donnelly-Lewis. The Azarbaʿal Spatula (KAI 3), A Debt Receipt from Ancient Byblos: Linguistic Notes for a New Translation and Interpretation. p. 29
  • Michael J. Stahl. God’s Best “Frenemy”: A New Perspective on YHWH and Baal in Ancient Israel and Judah p. 45
  • Fabian Pfitzmann. Poly-Yahwism and the Multiple Origins of Yhwh p. 95
  • William A. Tooman – C. Boston Smith. ‘If You Do (Not Do) Well’: Reconsidering the Conditional Sentences in Genesis 4.7. p. 115
  • Matthieu Richelle. Was the Tower of Babel Really Left Unfinished? Genesis 11:5 in Light of Hebrew Syntax, the Septuagint, and Jewish Reception. p. 125
  • Nadav Naʾaman. Jacob’s Initiation Story: A Judahite Late-Monarchical Composition. p. 141
  • Moshe S. Rachmuth. Observations on the Deeds of Isaac in Genesis 26. p. 169
  • André Lemaire. Nouvelles remarques sur la datation des estampilles lmlk. p. 183
  • Yoav Farhi, Israel Finkelstein, Yana Kirilov and Thomas Römer. Kiriath-jearim from the Ptolemaic Period to the Bar Kokhba Revolt in Light of the Numismatic Finds. p. 203
  • Benjamin Sass. Can a Unique Letterform Clinch the Authenticity of the Shapira Leather Manuscripts? A Rejoinder to Matthieu Richelle. p. 223
  • Matthieu Richelle. The Shapira Strips in Light of Paleography: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast. p. 243
  • Mounir Arbach, avec la collaboration de Laila Aqīl. Princesses à la cour royale de Nashshān aux VIIIe-VIIe s.av.J.-C. p. 295
  • Marie-Jeanne Roche. Note épigraphique. Nouveaux regards sur l’inscription minéenne d’al-‘Ulā au Musée du Cinquantenaire à Bruxelles, O.714. p. 315
  • Gaby Abousamra – André Lemaire. Nouveau vase en pierre avec inscriptions hismaïques/safaïtiques. p. 339
  • Geoffrey Herman. An Unpublished Incantation Bowl with a Citation from Isaiah 40. p. 349
  • Jonas Sibony. Les shafel hébreux : système, reliquats ou emprunts lexicaux ? p. 355
  • Yehudit Dror. Qurʾānic Rhetorical Questions: Their Identification and Communicative Functions. p. 377

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