Babylon: The Founding Exile, in Géo Histoire

The December 2014-January 2015 issue of Géo Histoire magazine focuses on Judaism.

The Qumran Chronicle About My Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Qumran Chronicle, a polish journal, has pubished a review of my latest conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Paris.

CuneiType Unicode Converter 1.2b Mac

Here is version 1.2b (Mac) of my “CuneiType Unicode” converter. This program automatically converts text written with the CuneiType1, CuneiTrueType, Mari, and Babel legacy fonts (notably used by assyriologists for transcription of cuneiform texts).

Uses and Abuses of Scripture as Criteria for Proto-Canonicity at the Turn of our Era

Was there a canon of Scriptures at the turn of our era? What can we learn from various uses of Scriptures in ancient Judaism and early Christianity?

Saga Semitica Episode 14

Impatient readers told me they’ve been waiting for a new episode Saga Semitica. Here it is! ;-)