The Apocrypha in Martinique

I will be in Martinique to give a conference on the apocryphal literature, July 16, 2014.

Semitica 56

The latest volume of Semitica, published by the Institute of Semitic Studies at the Collège de France, has just appeared!

It’s a very rich volume, exceeding 400 pages:

Joseph the Carpenter on RCF Radio

“Time to Tell,” on RCF national broadcast, discusses “fragile paternities,” and looks—in the second part of the show—at Joseph the carpenter, Mary’s husband and Jesus’ father.

Saga Semitica Episode 11

Saga Semitica Episode 11 is here!

Ancient Judaism, in Corsica

I am in Corsica for two lectures on Ancient Judaism, May 26-26, 2014.