I have been invited as keynote speaker at the international conference on Material Philology in the Dead Sea Scroll in Copenhagen on April 3-5, 2014.

My keynote is entitled “The Dead Sea Scrolls as Artefacts”:

Material philology views manuscripts as artefacts, taking into account their physical properties and individual features. This keynote will outline the Dead Sea scrolls material culture and characteristics: writing media and techniques, palaeography and scribal practices, documents and texts. Case studies will illustrate the relevance of material philology for the study of the Dead Sea scrolls, leading to a critical evaluation of editorial practices as well as suggestions for future editions.

Here is the full program of this three-day symposium:

Material Philology in the DSS Final Program

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    1. Dear Craig: I just got official word that the proceedings will not be published. I will publish my contribution in a journal. Thanks!

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