Beginning November 10, 2015, join me every week for a course of Introduction to the Bible!

Every week beginning November 10, 2015, I invite you to discover the Bible with me through an introductory course and a commentary of its books.

If you live in Strasbourg, come to the University Palace, Tauler Hall, from 2pm to 4pm. This course is part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Protestant Theology, as well as the University Degree of Religious Culture.

If you don’t live in Strasbourg, you can watch the class live or watch the videos anytime.

We will successively study the 24 books common to Jewish and Christian Bibles, which are also called the “Old Testament”. We will explain the origin of the Bible, its history, its cultural and literary world, and so on.

In order for you to read the Bible at a regular pace, I invite you to follow this reading plan which I prepared for this course. I also prepared a short bibliography of a few books you might want to check out.

If you are interested in the Bible, this course is for you! 😉

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