France 2

“Mag Bible”, a bimonthly program on French national television “France 2,” asked me if they could come to Strasbourg and find out about my teaching and research activities. I gladly agreed and welcomed them to my classes!

The show will be aired on Sunday, December 12, at 10:00 AM on France 2.

I wish to thank the production team, who thought of me for this subject, and Philippe Chazot, who directed this program.
See you on December 12! 😉

Update: here is the video:

4 thoughts on “Interview for Mag Bible on France 2 TV

  1. Quel homme public tu deviens!
    Je suis ravie de voir que ta tendance naturelle à l’intelligibilité soit exploitée pour enrichir les non-spécialistes. Bravo!
    J’ai aussi aimé le petit clin d’œil visuel sur l’ugaritique.


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