The First Qumran Residency will take place in Jerusalem, at the École Biblique, on 9–19 Sept 2019.

We conceived this “Residency” as a fruitful research environment for Dead Sea Scrolls scholars. The École Biblique is the perfect place: residents stay there, share meals with other scholars, and have 24/7 access to one of the best libraries in the world for Dead Sea Scrolls studies. On top of that, they can discuss their research with other Dead Sea Scrolls scholars and receive useful input.

We selected 10 residents who will come from various countries:
Kelley Coblentz Bautch (Austin, USA)
Torleif Elgvin (Oslo)
Daniel Falk (PennState, USA)
Charlotte Hempel (Birmingham)
Jutta Jokiranta (Helsinki)
Daniel Machiela (Hamilton, Canada)
Mladen Popović (Groningen)
Jean-Sébastien Rey (Metz, France)
Alison Schofield (Denver, USA)
Cecilia Wassen (Uppsala)

Every day, one of them will present their ongoing research at a seminar, to which we have invited several Israeli colleagues, including Esther Eshel, Emanuel Tov, Esther Chazon, Jonathan Ben-Dov, etc.

I am honored and privileged to host this First Qumran Residency in collaboration with the École Biblique, whose former director, Father Roland de Vaux, excavated Qumran seventy years ago.

I want to thank the current director, Father Jean Jacques Pérennès, for giving us such a great opportunity.

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