I have been asked to contribute to a practical manual of biblical narratology.

Directed by Guy Rainotte, La narratologie appliquée aux textes bibliques (Cineprodoc, 2014) is an original manual consisting of two DVDs that contain an initiation to the method and a series of studies of biblical texts.

Several exegetes of the Old and New Testaments have been asked to comment on biblical texts: Simon Butticaz, Elian Cuvillier, Elena Di Pede, Corinne Lanoir, Daniel Marguerat, Geert Van Oyen, André Wénin, and your servant.

I have been tasked with commenting the following texts: Genesis 2,25–3,7; Genesis 3,6-13; Genesis 16; Exodus 3; Ezekiel 37,1-14; Psalm 1; Psalm 57; and Psalm 121.

To purchase this manual, please visit the publisher’s website. You can also watch the videos in which I appear below or on YouTube.

(When these videos were shot, the projected consisted in a series of short commentaries on biblical texts without any connection to narratology. That’s why some of my explanations do not necessarily reflect that particular method of exegesis. Moreover, you might notice that I was very sick that day… Sorry!)

Genèse 2,25–3,7

Genèse 3,6-13

Genèse 16

Exode 3

Ézéchiel 37,1-14

Psaume 1

Psaume 57

Psaume 121


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