Semitica 60 is out! 🙂

This volume is available both in print and in electronic version.

Here are the bibliographical reference and table of contents:

Semitica 60, édité par Michael Langlois sous la direction de Thomas Römer. Leuven, Peeters, 2018. 555 p.

  • Jean-Marie Durand & Grégory Chambon. Le creusement d’un puits à l’époque amorrite.
  • Koowon Kim. List of filial duties: its narratological role in the ʾAqhatu story.
  • Israel Finkelstein, Thomas Römer, Christophe Nicolle, Zachary C. Dunseth, Assaf Kleiman, Juliette Mas & Naomi Pora. Excavations at Kiriath-jearim near Jerusalem, 2017: preliminary report.
  • Assaf Kleiman. Comments on the Archaeology and History of Tell el-Farʿah North (Biblical Tirzah) in the Iron IIA.
  • Gaby Abousamra. Huit stèles funéraires phéniciennes inédites.
  • Edgar Kellenberger. Once Again: the Fable of Jotham (Judg 9) and Aesop.
  • Isabel Cranz. The Rhetoric of Prohibitions: Divination and Magic in Deuteronomy and Leviticus.
  • Innocent Himbaza. Le Pentateuque a-t-il été compilé et édité en hâte ?.
  • Nadav Naʾaman. Echoes of the Israelite Conquest and Settlement of the Mishor in the Book of Numbers.
  • Benedikt Hensel. Cult Centralization in the Persian Period: Biblical and Historical Perspectives.
  • Zoltán Niederreiter & Benjamin Sass. On a cylinder seal with a newly deciphered Arabian legend.
  • André Lemaire & Michael C.A. Macdonald. Some ancient north Arabian notes.
  • Matthew Phillip Monger. 4Q216 – A New Material Analysis.
  • Clément Moussé. Les sanctuaires des prophètes chez les pèlerins chrétiens et musulmans, le sanctuaire d’Hébron ou le Ḥaram al-Ḫalīl.
  • Papers delivered at the workshop “The Assyria–Levant Experience: Postcolonial Perspectives” held in Paris on 24–25 February 2017.
  • Ido Koch. Introductory framework for Assyrian-Levantine colonial encounters.
  • Christian Frevel. Was Aram an Empire? A kind of a shibboleth-question.
  • Ido Koch & Lidar Sapir-Hen. Beersheba–Arad Valley during the Assyrian Period.
  • Lionel Marti. The Levant and Assyria: perspectives from Assyrian royal inscriptions.
  • Yifat Thareani. Revenge of the conquered: paths of resistance in the Assyrian city of Dan.
  • Virginia R. Herrmann. Cosmopolitan Politics in the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Local Elite Identity at Zincirli-Samʾal.
  • Jakob Wöhrle. “Woe to the Bloody City” (Nah 3:1) Postcolonial Perspectives on the Image of Assyria in the Book of Nahum and its Early Reception History.

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