I will be on Radio Arc-en-Ciel on Tuesday, January 6 at 8 AM to talk about the Exodus movie and the conference I will give the same night at Cinema Vox in Strasbourg.

As you know, Strasbourg’s Cinema Vox organizes a special screening of the Exodus movie with a conference on the theme “The Exodus: Myth or Reality?”.

For the more impatient among you, or for those who can’t be in Strasbourg, I invite you to join me live on Radio Arc-en-Ciel the same morning, at 8 AM, to discuss the movie and the biblical account of the Exodus.

You can listen to the show on the radio’s website, or on 90.7 FM if you are in Strasbourg.

See you tomorrow morning! 😉

UPDATE: you can listen to the show on the website of Radio Arc-en-Ciel or directly below:


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